Sunday, March 15, 2009

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Well after the super bowl, we talked w/ our small group leaders and decided we'd keep going weather we wanted to or not, to maybe get to be friends w/ some of the girls and hopefully be a good influence. It's also easyer to know that some of them admit that their not Christians because their Christian friends aren't any different from everyone else.

We're all doing well here, and we've made it this whole winter w/ nobady getting sick, that is except for our dog Lucy. I've never heard of this happening before but it's really hilarious, because she lost her voice and can hardly even bark. At first, her bark just got really low and weird but now it just comes out as a squeak. And Luke of course has to tarrerize her and get her workd up so that she keeps trying to bark but can't. It's probably because she yiped her head off at Candace and Michael when they came. They came here this weekend for the second time since they've been married. We had fun w/ them. We surpised Candace and she at first had no idea she was comming here. Michael told her they were visiting his family, but he told her later that at the spur of the moment he decided to come see us. So she thought she was comming to surpise us. (Getting confusing?) But when they came, we acted like we weren't here and we all knew they were comming, so we pretty much scared the crap out of her. The house was totaly emty and quiet, but when Candace opened the library door were we all were, everyone screamed at once and she was so freaked out that she tried to shut the door back right away. She was like "Keep that horrible noise in there!"
Really soon after they got here we sat them down to watch the big thing around here that were CONSTANTLY quoting. It's this comidian guy Tim Hawkins's vidio 'Full Range of Motion'. (Actualy, right now Pris and Luke are quoting it.) And to be honest when I heard, he was a Chritian comedian I thought "this is probably gonna be lame" because I had seen other Christian comedians who wern't very funny to me. But oh my gosh, I sarted crying I was laughing so hard. It was a real ab workout! He does a lot of parodies of famous songs. You should check him out on you tube.

Anyway, the next day, Michael set up all his sound equitment he brought, outside on the porch. It was so loud that way down the road it could be heard. So Michael sang and played the guitar and all the neighbors could hear, then came the scarry part. They made me get my keyboard and hook it up the the system amd sing and play. It was really nerve racking knowing everyone for miles around (not really) could hear wether they wanted too or not.
Afterwards, Mom and Dad said they really want me to start taking voice from someone at a colage nearby us where they have a lot of good vioce and music teachers. I really hope I can. That would be like a dream to take voice from someone really good. I don't want to sing opera though and it seems like everyone I've known who takes voice ends up singing opera. I just want to have a natural sounding vioce thats really good. Hopefully that's possible for me.

Just a random thought: I think Winter's going way slower than usual just to spite me because I hate it so bad.
The next time I post it will probably be Winter again.
I have a very bad habbit of typing half a blog post, saving it as a draft and never finishing it to post it. Well, this time I'm posting it weather it sounds finished or not. So there.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Well, I haven't blogged in months!

I almost decided to delete my blog because I hardly ever have time to write anymore. But right now I have a lot to say.

I'm kind of quiet sometimes. It's sometimes because I don't really have anything to say, and other times I just have so much to say I don't know where to start. I feel like that now.

I feel really discouraged but also very thankful too.

Alright so, Kezzi and I want to a super bowl party last night at church with the youth. We've been really discouraged with them because of their lack of heart for the Lord and immaturity but Mom and Dad have been wanting us to go to just try and be an example.

Last night it was just really disheartening and it made us both pretty mad to tell the truth. It's not like we expect them to be really great kids or anything, 'cause what we've experienced so far was enough to tell us that the majority of them definitely don't seem to want to live comepletly for God, in fact, it doesn't seem like they really care at all. And a lot of thing's we heard and saw while we were there (and I mean a lot) aren't even comfotable to say. Nearly everyone was coupled off and WAY too touchy, a few kissing, and some would go outside together in the dark holding hands. You get the picture. Even the girls were all over each other in a way that I wouldn't do just because some things are just inappropriate, even with each other.

I was still just trying to get over those things and be friendly and hang out with everyone, but Kezzi, who probably did the smarter thing, (and I don't blame her,) was so irritated especially after overhearing something outragous that, (again I wont repeat,) was going on, sat by herself and watched the super bowl. There were a few youth leaders there but I get the impression that they hold back a little around when the leaders are around probably because one couple got cauught and seperated and had a "talking to" a while back.

Well, we left before it was over and headed to the house of some of our family's friends to spend the night. The atmosphere was so different there it was really cool. We walk in from all that, to a family of 4 little girls and 2 boys sitting together in the living room talking to each other and watching the super bowl. What a swich. I love their family so much, and their Mom was so understanding as we went off about what happend and how irritated we were about it. They homeschool and have a lot of the same convictions as us and actually all the kids and their years apart are set up just like us. 4 girls and then 2 boys and 1 on the way (it'll have to be a girl!).

Well, anyways it made me really thankful for the good life we have and the good freinds we do have like at dance and in Missouri and a few more that really do have a heart for the Lord and we're not the only ones out there! It can get discourageing though after all the youth groups we been to, that sadly, most of them are that way. I guess we can only pray for them and try to be an example the best we know how.

I'll probably post tomorrow about some fun things that have been happening instead of all this crap : )


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Shy Kid's

We did this a few nights ago when we were being stupid and I just had to post it. Priscilla almost looks like a four year old in there! No I'm kiding. But that's seriously how we act in all our old home vidios. Kezzi's already almost like my Mom. It's not even right how natual she is at it.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Hope is thinking that the computer is a time thief and has had much better things to do as of lately. She probably won't blog for a while, she's so busy.
Sooooo she's out....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007


My week in Myrtle beach was aaaaawesome!! I spent it riding the crazy waves, lazying...I mean laying on the beach, in the hot tubs, swimming in the pools, being beat in ping pong, shopping, going on a boat ride, watching tv, and mostly having a great time being crazy w/ the Houks! Yep, I know that sounds fun. Annnnd it was. Who's not jealous? Yeah that's what I thought.
The best part was probably the cruise. That day was a bad but good day for that. It was really storming when we got out there and pretty cold but I think that made it kinda more adventurous w/ the boat rocking and all. I kept trying to stand up w/o the railing. I didn't do too bad actually. I decided then and there that I want to marry a pirate and so does Kezzi, so one day we'll both marry pirates and we'll go off and sail all over. Heck w/ college and being successful... we'll have more fun! ; ) Sound like a good life plan? I think so.

Well, on a more serious note, I realized while I was there, how different I feel about modesty as I used to. Before, when we'd go to the beach I was always kinda ashamed of what I have to wear when all the other girls are in bikinis and I stand out like a sore thumb. But I totally see it different now and it makes me happier this way. I just see the girls on the beach who are hanging all over their boyfriend totally exposed like that. It's just so cheap and lame. And walking around wearing that makes them look cheap and like they're just wanting attention and it just looks pretty shameful. Not that every girl who wears a bikini wants attention it just looks that way. It also makes them really self conscious and I'm just sitting there so glad that I don't look and feel like that. I feel covered and secure and it's so much better that way.

It was so weird while I was there, thinking that Priscilla was practically all the way around the world. Creepy. Strange. It's good to have her back w/ us. You know, to complete the foursome. : ) No, I missed her. Now Candace on the other hand...even though she was w/ us she really wasn't. In her own little world these days. ...I wonder why?

Kezzi and I have been practicing a way to say awesome like our friend Chris. You gotta say it lazy and slow and make the "a" like a long o.
Aaaaasome. Yep.

~How 'bout that?~